Wrap It Up: Crane Branding for Important Causes

Wrap It Up: Crane Branding for Important Causes

Cranes are big. They draw attention from both young and old wherever they operate as impressive industrial powerhouses. Much like advertisements on public transportation, cranes can be used to display impactful messages. Why not use this visibility to uplift and represent a vulnerable group or spread a positive message within the community?

Nimble Crane, a mobile crane service provider, chose to support Autism Awareness Month by wrapping a crane in an vibrant design while Walter Payton Power Equipment supplied the Grove GMK5150L. Nimble Crane then adorned the all-terrain crane with a colorful autism awareness wrap and prominently displayed the machine to show empathy and offer encouragement to those affected throughout their service area.

Custom Crane Wraps that Draw Attention

As a service provider in the Texas region, Nimble Crane’s embellished equipment has been serving as a messenger for their cause, drawing attention to the importance of understanding and acceptance throughout the central and western Texas community. With 1 in 36 children and 1 in 45 adults in the U.S. diagnosed with autism, both Nimble Crane and Walter Payton Power Equipment believe it is important to raise awareness and encourage community support for this cause.

Source: www.nimblecrane.com

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Nimble Crane has garnered significant positive attention for its commitment to spreading uplifting messages wherever their cranes are stationed.With this most recent decorated addition to their fleet, the Grove GMK5150L all-terrain crane, they have been bringing awareness to the Odessa, Texas community on many important issues, including support for autism awareness, support for veterans, and most recently, breast cancer awareness.

Ben Ellis, President of Nimble Crane, expressing his enthusiasm for these initiatives, stated, “We intend to use our platform to shine light on autism awareness while addressing other relevant social topics within our community, driving meaningful change,” (source: www.manitowoc.com). This approach not only raises social awareness but also exemplifies good corporate citizenship.

Highlighting Nimble Crane’s Initiatives and Promoting Community Inclusion

Walter Payton Power Equipment would like to spotlight the initiative Nimble Crane has taken to foster a society where everyone feels seen, celebrated, and valued. By raising visibility with their custom crane wraps, Nimble Crane aims to foster a more accepting and inclusive environment for everyone.

For more information, visit Walter Payton Power Equipment and Nimble Crane.

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