Equipment Painting Services

Heavy Equipment Painting | Walter Payton Power Equipment


Our paint service is performed with the customer in mind. We don’t coat over your equipment. We partially disassemble, degrease, clean and sand blast/hand sand, prime paint, and reassemble it. We will only sand blast items that have been removed from the equipment (jibs, fenders etc) and will not allow critical components to be subjected to that process.

When a customer wants to completely change the color due to the machine, we perform a complete disassembly making sure all of the old paint color is removed. This is the best way to ensure the new color is the only color on the machine. We will also re-apply all safety decals and customer and/or manufacturer logos onto the equipment once the coating is completed.

We also offer other heavy equipment and crane services like: welding, inspections, and rebuilds.

Full Service Paint Shop

Whether you need a fresh coat of paint or a complete color change, Walter Payton Power Equipment will get the job done right!

We carry high quality, durable industrial coating material from leading suppliers to the heavy equipment industry. Choose our dual stage process and add clear coat to ensure your equipment holds its luster for years to come.

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