Crane Welding Repair

Crane Welding Repair | Walter Payton Power Equipment

If you’re looking to repair damaged metal or components of your heavy equipment, Walter Payton Power Equipment can perform welding repair and/or modification in the field, at your shop, or at any of our facilities. We have a fully stocked service truck with a 400 amp welder that can be used for a variety of applications.

Our Certified Field Welder carries certificates for AWS D1.1, Manitowoc Advanced Welding, and also performs NDT testing of two types; magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant inspection.

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Advanced Manitowoc Certified Welding

The Manitowoc Advanced Welding Certificate allows us to perform major structural repairs and modifications in the field. We work closely with Manitowoc engineers so we can get detailed repair procedures in a timely manner. Our Certified Field Welder not only performs welding repairs, he can make basic electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical repairs as well.