RopeBlock 13.2-ton Cylindrical Overhaul Weight

Used | 2015 | RopeBlock | Overhaul Balls

Stock ID: S004547

RopeBlock 13.2-ton Cylindrical Overhaul WeightRopeBlock 13.2-ton Cylindrical Overhaul Weight

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Stock ID S004547
Year 2015
Model# 13.2-ton Overhaul Weight
Attachment Capacity 13.2-tons
Attachment Wire Rope Size 22mm
Attachment Weight 660 lbs.
Attachment For Model Grove GMK6300
LocationLebanon, IN
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RopeBlock 13.2-ton Cylindrical Overhaul Weight S004547 | Walter Payton Power Equipment

  • RopeBlock 13.2 ton Capacity Cylindrical Overhaul Weight
  • Manitowoc Part Number: 3198062
  • Bottom Swivel
  • Hook with Safety Latch
  • Wire Rope: 22mm
  • Weight: 660 Pounds

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