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Roborigger | Greenfield Products | Walter Payton Power Equipment

Roborigger is a remote-controlled, robotic, load orientation device, that can autonomously hold any position and precisely place picks. Roboriggers gyroscopic rotation technology, controls a load’s orientation without the risk of personnel being in the vicinity of the landing zone, increasing job site safety and efficiency. Roborigger, from Greenfield Products, rotates and holds loads in a desired orientation regardless of wind, meaning no tag lines are needed to manage the spinning or the landing of a load.


Roborigger Features and Specs

  • Wifi Enabled
  • Integrated load cell
  • 5 to 20 ton lifting capacity available
  • Wireless remote-control with 100m min range
  • Designed to handle loads in winds up to 25-30 km/h
  • 12 + hour battery life per charge with onboard battery charging
  • 2 preset orientation settings available to simplify repetitive operations
  • Camera with image capture and video streaming capability for remote monitoring

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