Manitex SC Series Stand-Up Control

Manufacturer Manitex
Model SC Series
Capacity Up to 12  US Tons
Main Boom Up to 121 ft.




Boom Sections – 4-plate design, telescopic booms equipped with teflon-plugged nylatron wear pads for smooth operation. Extend and retract hydraulic cylinder on 3-section booms; 4-section boom (SC97) telescope system consists of a telescoping cylinder and wire rope crowds. Nylatron wear pads easily accessible for lubrication, inspection and replacement.

Boom Point – Boom tip designed to easily accept Manitex Skycrane platforms. Detachable boom point sheave bracket (except SC 85) allows for easy removal and stowage of load line for aerial platform operation.

SC 85 only, “Quick Reeve” boom point design, accepts Manitex Skycrane platforms; facilitates parts of line configuration changes.

Boom Elevation – Double acting hydraulic cylinder; working range from 15° below horizontal to 85° above. Counterbalance valves hold cylinder and boom in position.

Winch – Single or two-speed planetary winch; wet multi-disc internal brake, spring applied, hydraulically released.

SC62, SC65, SC75



Maximum Line Pool 5376 lb 7789 lb 5750 lb
Maximum Line Speed 78 * 106 * 333 *
Rope Capacity 138 ft 219 ft 243 ft
* ft/min

Wire Rope – 3/8″ or 1/2″ (SC97) diameter 6 x 25 IWRC wire rope with swaged swivel hook and latch.

Anti-two block – Wireless radio anti-two block system includes switch and receiver. Conforms to ANSI B30.5.

Swing Drive – Externally mounted single reduction worm gear swing drive; directly driven by a high-torque, low-speed hydraulic motor for smooth, controlled, operation. Swing speed is directly proportional by position of control lever.

Rotation – All SC series machines are equipped with hydraulic and electric swivels that allow continuous rotation in either direction.

Front and Rear Outriggers – Fully hydraulic outriggers extend to maximum overall spread for unparalleled machine stability. All cylinders equipped with check or counterbalance valves to ensure outriggers remain in position at all times. Jack cylinders operate independently for precise leveling; bubble level located near outrigger controls.

SC62, SC65 SC75, SC85, SC97
Front Spread 10′ opt 19’9-3/4″
Rear Spread 18’6″ 18’6″

In true Manitex tradition, these machines are clamp mounted and require no drilling or welding to the truck chassis. This system allows for greater flexibility when positioning the machine on the chassis thus allowing the installer the ability to maximize available axle capacity.

Subframe – All SC series machines are equipped with a torsionally resistant, 4-plate, fabricated subframe that extends over the entire length of the truck chassis. The SC75, SC85 & SC97 sub-frame is fabricated with an integral outrigger base; this outrigger design further enhances the superior stability of the Manitex Skycrane.

Pedestal – Clamp mounted to the sub-frame and truck chassis with threaded rods and chassis clamp brackets.

Boom Rest – Heavy-duty fabricated boom rest secures boom in place when traveling.

Outriggers – Valve mounted at the rear of the truck allows visibility to all outriggers for easy set-up.

Base station – Mounted on the curbside of the Turret, a four spool proportional control hydraulic valve operates the basic crane functions; elevation, rotation, telescope and loadline hoist. Controls for engine ignition start, throttle advance and emergency stop are also provided. Controls for the self-leveling platform and hydraulic Jib winch added when appropriate.

Aerial platform – Platforms are equipped with a wired remote control system. The control box is fitted with electric joysticks to operate boom elevation, telescope, and rotation; basket control and Jib winch control. Switches for engine start/stop, emergency stop button, throttle advance, auxiliary pump is standard, optional generator start switch is also included when appropriate.

64-gallon tank fitted with 10-micron high pressure and return filters, gear pump variable to 20 GPM, 3000 maximum operating pressure at high engine speed.

Basket (standard) – One-man aluminum, gravity leveled basket. Equipped with safety lanyard anchor points; full body harness and lanyard for included. The basket is secured and cushioned by manual friction brakes and shock absorbers. Basket capacity is 300 lbs.

  Download SC SeriesTechnical Specs

Download SC85 Load Chart

Download SC75 Load Chart

Download SC65 Load Chart

Download SC97 Load Chart

Additional information




SC Series


Up to 12 US Tons

Main Boom

UP to 121 ft

Max Tip Height

Up to 130 ft

Additional Features

Working Heights to 97'

Dual purpose machine; aerial platform and crane

Multiple tool and lamp box options

Extra long lamp box option in sub-frame

Easy ground level entry to Aerial platform

Aerial remote controls

Ground hydraulic controls

Remote engine start / stop

Auxiliary power unit

Hydraulic and Gravity leveled platforms

Platform Mounted Jib with Hydraulic Winch

360° work area with continuous rotation

Crane Tip Heights: 57', 60', 70', 85' & 92'

Nylatron pad equipped booms

Up to 6,000 lb lift capacity

Up to 24,000 lb lift capacity for SC85

Detachable load line

Radio anti-two block system

Rugged, Weatherproof, Automotive style electrical system

ORS Face Seal hydraulic fittings and adapters

Unparalleled machine stability

Heavy duty sub-frame

Clamp-on mounting

Design meets ANSI A92.2 and ANSI B30.5 recommendations

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