Broderson ICe-80-A Electric Carry Deck Crane

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Stock ID: ICe-80-A

Broderson ICe-80-A Electric Carry Deck Crane

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Stock ID ICe-80-A
Capacity 9 US Tons
Boom Size 20'-2" or 24' or 30'
Jib Max Length 10'
Max Tip Height 46.3 ft.
Engine Make GM or Kubota
Engine Model Electric
Number Winches 1
Model# ICe-80-A
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Broderson ICe-80-A Electric Carry Deck Crane | Walter Payton Power Equipment

The Broderson ICe-80-A electric carry deck crane is a battery electric powered industrial carry deck crane designed for heavy lifting in constrained environments, where zero-emissions is required or preferred. The ICe-80-A is designed with performance in mind and can keep pace with the speed and hydraulic capabilities that the ICe-80 is known for with a 9 US ton capacity. The Broderson ICe-80-A is the ideal compact and electric carry deck crane.

  • Capacity on Outriggers: 18,000 lbs
  • Pick and Carry Capacity: 11,400 lbs
  • Height: 7′ 3″
  • Width: 6’ 6″
  • Maximum Tip Height: 46′ 8″ (with Boom Extension)
  • Maximum Horizontal Reach: 40′


ICe-80-A Features:

  • Zero Emissions
  • Electric Motors
  • 4-Wheel or 2-Wheel Drive
  • Fully Hydraulic Controls
  • Auxiliary Winch mounted behind the front bumper, hydraulically driven with controls
  • All-Weather  Cab with heater, air conditioning, windshield wiper and defroster. Operator suspension seat.
  • Noise Reduction Kit

Optional Boom Attachments

Boom Extension, 10 Ft.

Boom Extension, 10 Ft. Offset

Searcher Hook, Nose Mount

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