Grove Yard Boss


Compact industrial cranes are used for plant maintenance and material handling jobs. Simple to operate, these units feature carry decks and multi-mode steering allowing operation in tight quarters. These machines offer compact dimensions, good maneuverability, and excellent pick and carry capacities. For more information on the full line of New Grove YardBoss Industrial Cranes please Contact a Walter Payton Salesperson today!


  CapacityModelManufacturerMain Boom
YB4409 8.5 YB4409 Grove 35 ft.
YB4409-2 9 YB4409-2 Grove 54 ft.
YB4411 10.5 YB4411 Grove 54 ft.
YB5515 15 YB5515 Grove 70 ft.
YB5518 18 YB5518 Grove 75 ft.
YB7725 25 YB7725 Grove 79 ft.